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Episode 2 takes you deeper into what you can expect if you chose to become a long-term undercover agent within the underworld. BBC host NICKY CAMPBELL probes what it was like to be asked by my cartel “friends” to kill for them, and how they shared secrets with me about corrupting country leaders that facilitated their massive drug trafficking empires.

During this episode, I explain how my journey within the “underground empire” of crime opened my eyes to the reality that laundering billions is not a challenge for powerful cartels, even today. The reality is that governments around the world fail to identify and seize more than 1% of the $400 billion in illicit funds generated from the sale of illegal drugs each year.

NICKY also got me to answer the question that defines my view of the value of what I did as an undercover agent. He asked, “If the clock were turned back to the day you decided to become a long-term undercover agent, would you do it again?” Click on the image to the left to hear my response, and the rest of Episode 2. I think you will be surprised.