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Robert’s undercover work led to the biggest prosecution of bankers and money launderers there has ever been.
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"Robert’s undercover work led to the biggest prosecution of bankers and money launderers there has ever been. It was completely transformational in raising awareness of the susceptibility of the banking industry to criminal abuse."

Stephen Platt – Author of ‘Criminal Capital: How the Finance Industry Facilitates Crime’

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"Mazur not only took the lead undercover role but fought valiantly against the bureaucratic difficulties... It was as significant an accomplishment as we have seen in law enforcement in recent times."

u.s. secretary of state john kerry

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"Bob Mazur is a dedicated individual who has demonstrated courage and leadership and has written a book that is next to none in the field of undercover. A very compelling read."

Joseph D. Pistone - AKA Donnie Brasco


"Mesmerizing… Once you’ve picked up this book, I guarantee you will not put it down. You will be enthralled with this amazing story of one man’s career on the front lines against the notorious Medellín drug cartel."

STEVEN EMERSON - Bestselling Author of American Jihad

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"Undercover work is a lot more of an art than Hollywood could ever represent on-screen, and The Infiltrator introduces Bob Mazur as one of America’s great undercover artists and writers."

MICHAEL LEVINE - Police Instructor & New York times Bestselling Author of ‘Deep Cover’

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“Robert’s undercover work led to the biggest prosecution of bankers and money launderers there has ever been. It was completely transformational in raising awareness of the susceptibility of the banking industry to criminal abuse.”
Stephen Platt – Author of ‘Criminal Capital: How the Finance Industry Facilitates Crime’

About Robert Mazur

Robert Mazur has earned global acclaim as one of the world’s leading experts on the financial escapades of the underworld. There is no one with more first-hand knowledge about how international black money markets launder nearly $2 trillion in criminal proceeds annually. For years, in the eyes of organized crime leaders he was a highly successful mob connected money launderer that helped manage their illicit fortunes.

He spent five years as a deep undercover agent for US, UK, French and other government law enforcement, gathering evidence that led to some of the largest money laundering prosecutions in history. The only undercover agent in the world to have infiltrated so deeply into the inner circle of financial crime, his experience is unique. He’s seen how the system works from the inside, and the insights he holds are so valuable that the criminal world offered $1/2 million for his death.

Mr. Mazur is the author of two books, each of which detail long-term undercover infiltrations he executed within separate criminal organizations. He first wrote the New York Times Best Seller, THE INFILTRATOR, a memoir about his face-to-face dealings with deadly direct reports to Pablo Escobar, including Escobar’s principal consigliere and attorney. While working for Escobar and others as their launderer, he also infiltrated the Bank of Credit & Commerce International, the 7th largest privately held institution in the world, a bank that laundered billions in illicit funds for drug traffickers, illegal arms dealers, terrorists, tax evaders, corrupt third-world leaders, and other criminals. During years inside the Medellin Cartel, Mr. Mazur recorded hundreds of undercover meetings and collected evidence that led to the prosecution of more than 100 drug traffickers and launderers, a dozen corrupt BCCI senior officials, and the bank itself. Robert Mazur was also the inspiration behind the internationally released major motion picture THE INFILTRATOR, starring Bryan Cranston and Diane Krueger. As an Executive Producer of the film, he worked closely with the director, actors and other talent involved in the production and promotion of the film.

His second book, THE BETRAYAL, is a true-life story about a 2 ½ year undercover assignment he carried out after the events of THE INFILTRATOR. Subsequent to creating a totally new undercover identity and businesses, he infiltrated the Cali Cartel, the rival cartel of Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel. Working undercover with many corrupt bank officers and cartel members, Mazur participated in the laundering of tens of millions of dollars though sophisticated international trade-based money laundering schemes. Simultaneously, he infiltrated several underworld figures in Panama, exposing laundering schemes carried out by international businessmen thought to be pillars of the Panamanian business community. THE BETRAYAL also led to Mazur’s identifying and acquiring the evidence that led to a long prison term for a corrupt U.S. law enforcement officer that compromised Mazur’s undercover identity to the leaders of the cartel, and nearly got him killed. The film rights of THE BETRAYAL have been acquired by a major motion picture studio. The film is in development, and Bryan Cranston has announced that he will portray Mr. Mazur on the silver screen again, this time in a film based on Mazur’s second book, THE BETRAYAL.

Now that he has told the stories of his undercover infiltrations, he’s eager to share his insider knowledge about the endless money laundering techniques he was taught by the underworld. While delivering keynote addresses, master class presentations, and critical consulting, he shares that information with financial institutions and companies around the world to continue his work of stamping out corruption. Robert Mazur can arm your institution with real and meaningful knowledge, the best weapon there is in the fight against organized criminal conduct.

His accomplishments include a highly successful 27 year career as a U.S. federal agent and 17 years of private sector work as an expert witness, consultant and investigator for both defense counsel and governments. As part of his recent private sector experience he has debriefed many high level drug traffickers and money launderers concerning their current day methods of operation.

Mr. Mazur is a contributor to money laundering related programing that has aired on PBS, ABC, CNN, Univision, BBC and hundreds of other TV and radio networks. He is widely published on the issues of money laundering. His articles have been published in journals and many media outlets, including the NY Times. He is certified in both U.S. and Canadian courts as an expert in money laundering.


Robert Mazur delivers several different types of compelling presentations. In his standard Keynote, he explains his amazing life in the underworld as a money launderer for Colombian cartels, as well as the techniques used by the most sophisticated money launderers in the world then, and today.

For audiences looking for more in-depth details about specific methods of laundering and detecting money laundering threat, Mr. Mazur provides varying lengths of Masterclasses that dissect documents and chart the path of dirty money through methods only generally referenced by most money laundering experts.

Robert Mazur offers a unique executive learning session that reveals “The Secrets to Enhance Rapport & Communication”. He shares insights about how he was trained to manage stress, and the secrets he learned about how to enhance rapport, gain trust, and earn credibility under the most challenging circumstances. Robert keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as he delivers vivid insight about how his undercover assignments took him to the brink of death, as he won the confidence of ruthless killers who rarely allow anyone to infiltrate their deadly organizations.

Robert helps audiences recognize that the lessons engrained in him by psychologists and trainers provide a foundation for people from all walks of life to heighten their ability to successfully connect with their superiors, employees, peers and clients. During this learning session, which can be delivered in either a 75 or 90 minute masterclass or a longer timeframe during a fireside chat, he heightens attendees awareness to the 9 key steps everyone should follow to dramatically enhance their abilities to establish rapport and communicate effectively.

Mr. Mazur also offers a unique presentation to members of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence communities. He shares a key formula he used to assess operational security and intelligence gathering that kept him alive in a very dangerous environment. The reality is that the fundamentals of the formula to assess security and intelligence are the same today as they were when he dealt with those issues. If one doesn’t build current day security and intelligence platforms by addressing the fundamentals, they are likely to produce failed systems that exist in name only.

All of Mr. Mazur’s presentations weave their theme with the truth of his success, documented in his book, ‘The Infiltrator’, which was the basis of the internationally released film of the same name, starring Bryan Cranston, and his latest book, ‘The Betrayal.

Mr. Mazur is a riveting speaker and educator. His firsthand experiences offer a unique insight. He has trained tens of thousands of compliance officers, law enforcement officers, attorneys, bankers and businessmen from all walks of life. He has lectured at leading financial conferences, law enforcement academies, universities and conventions of all types around the world.

Mr. Mazur’s presentations take his audiences to ground zero of reality. He shares the secrets he learned from the world’s most notorious corrupt members of the financial markets, and he shares unique insights into how you can build your team into a motivated group that is unafraid to achieve “the impossible”.

Hosts of conferences around the globe have offered acclaim about Mr. Mazur’s presentations.

Hear from Robert Mazur about his Speaking Services

SpeakGlobal, the leading speaker industry magazine that features the most influential people in the world, offered their review of Robert Mazur’s expertise as a presenter, and the value of his message.


Attendees of Mr. Mazur’s presentations have offered tremendous acclaim about his effectiveness as both a keynote and master class presenter. Click here to see hundreds of comments by attendees about Mr. Mazur’s presentations.


Mr. Mazur offers unique first-hand insights to improve your team’s ability to identify and effectively neutralize sensitive risk. As an undercover agent, he witnessed techniques employed by his corrupt contacts within the financial markets that, to this day, are readily seen in current bank scandals. Anyone responsible for the moral compass of an institution should have a clear understanding of what those techniques are. Without the proper insight, these behaviors routinely fly below the radar screen, placing institutions in danger of major risk and repercussions. Regardless of the nature of your financial crime-related risk, he can become a critical member of your team to help decipher core risk issues and formulate the best plan to neutralize that risk. Robert Mazur has previously consulted at international banks, law firms, hedge funds, foreign exchange organizations and money service businesses on these issues.

He can help a willing team dramatically improve their ability to identify and manage a sensitive risk that, if not properly addressed, could impose an astronomical cost for reputation loss, the payment of fines and other repercussions.


To help clients with cost-effective distance training and consulting, Mr. Mazur offers podcasts and webinars for a wide variety of institutions. Clients that have engaged Mr. Mazur to provide distance learning have provided enthusiastic written acclaim about the unique value and insight of his podcasts and webinars

  • Strengthens institutional policies and procedures
  • Motivates key compliance employees
  • Reduces potential corporate and senior management liability
  • Arms personnel with rare knowledge and insights
  • Enhances company ability to identify and manage risk

Hear from Robert Mazur about his speaking and consulting services