The Betrayal Reviews

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BRYAN CRANSTON – Star of Breaking Bad. Winner of Emmy, Tony and Golden Globe awards for best actor

“Bob Mazur delivers again with The Betrayal! As with its predecessor, The Infiltrator, Mazur artfully takes the reader through the harrowing account of life as an undercover cop embedded in the drug cartels. In my career I take on characters in life-or-death situations – but I just can’t imagine how Mazur does it for real! Read it and find out. I highly recommend it.”

JOSEPH D. PISTONE (AKA Donnie Brasco) – Author of Donnie Brasco My Undercover Life in the Mafia

“The Betrayal details the malicious world of drugs, money laundering and the danger of being a DEA undercover agent infiltrating these organizations. A book you can’t put down, nor will you.”

DAVID LEWIS – Former Executive Secretary of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the global watchdog against money laundering

“FATF was created to help governments follow the money and reduce the harm caused by drug traffickers and terrorists. Bob Mazur repeatedly put his life on the line to do just that. This isn’t fiction. It’s the real deal and scary as hell.”

MICHAEL S. VIGIL – Former DEA Chief of International Operations & Author of Deal

“The Betrayal is a page turning thriller about a courageous agent’s simultaneous journey through a deadly vise of internal corruption and the ruthless threat of cartel killers. This is the unfortunate reality of the underworld.”

MICHAEL LEVINE – Author of New York Times bestseller “Deep Cover” and “The Big White Lie”

“No one in law enforcement is more lethally vulnerable to the betrayal of those he/she depends on for support and protection then the deep cover agent; the operative who, unarmed, like a human bait, places himself into isolated situations where the only thing protecting him from an instant death is his acting ability… This book is a must read.”

KIRKUS REVIEW – Kirkus is a world-renowned book reviewer that has been in business since 1933

“Suspenseful memoir of undercover narcotics work….An eye-opening insider’s look at the financial aspects of the international drug trade.”

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – Familiarly known in the book world as PW and “the bible of the book business”, Publishers Weekly is a news magazine focused on the international book publishing business

“…admirers of his previous book will appreciate this thrilling real-life sequel”

MANCHESTERCF ANALYTICS – Industry leader in financial intelligence training

“The Betrayal is a fast-paced crime drama that reads like a movie. With vivid storytelling, multiple chapter-ending cliff hangers, and accessible language, there is an immediacy to the narrative that makes it seem like the story is happening in real time.”
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BOOKLIST – The reviewer for the American Library Association

“Mazur’s latest true-crime thriller will leave readers on the edge of their seats. The inherent danger of undercover life – all guts and little glamour – is portrayed vividly. A transfixing read.”
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MICHAEL WEIS – Anti-Financial Crime Leader of PwC Luxembourg

“The Betrayal is a stunning real story from the underworld of professional money launderers and gives the reader incredible insights. It is essential “edutainment” for connoisseurs of AML Compliance as well as anybody looking for a thrilling story about crime, business and personal tragedies.”
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GLENNA SMITH – Managing Director, Smith Compliance Consulting – Barbados

“To anyone who thinks money laundering is boring – read this book! The story gripped my attention, keeping me in suspense with several tantalizing cliff- hangers not to mention a very real and close brush with death.”
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JULIE DIMAURO – Compliance Week’s Director of Compliance Programs & Training

“The book is engrossing, and Mazur’s specialty is dialogue; you feel like you’re in the room listening to the colorful figures he meets and hoodwinks, hearing them talk about their skills at disguising drug proceeds and supporting products that ruin lives and kill people, all while sleeping with one eye open.”
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SUSAN GROSSEY – Author, on behalf of the Money Laundering Bulletin

“Mazur’s descriptions are terrific – no doubt a product of his training to observe and remember everything…. Making a movie of a Mazur book must be a delight…. Mazur is the master of the chapter-end cliff-hanger….”
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HELEN PARRY – Thomson Reuters, Regulatory Intelligence

“It is a gripping and terrifying account of Mazur’s time spent working undercover in Panama as the ostensible provider of professional trade finance-based money laundering services….Mazur takes the reader along with him to excruciatingly nerve-jangling negotiations – held in penthouse suites and high-end restaurants – with suspicious cartel members and their launderers.”
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MARTIN WOODS – Chair of Global Compliance Institute

“This is a story of sacrifice and selflessness, set against greed and self-indulgence. It is a complex story of good guys against bad guys, with some good guys becoming bad guys. It provides a frightening insight into the power, reach and corrupting influence of drug money.”
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MOLLY MILLER – Chief Content Officer at American Lawyer (ALM) for Corporate Counsel

“From an intellectual perspective, it (THE BETRAYAL) is a tour de force. For those who like their intellectual interests seasoned with the popcorn fantasy of a fast- paced, page-turner, James Bond has nothing on Robert Mazur. In Mazur’s work, the situations that balance life and death are not going to be resolved with some fictional device or director yelling, cut. They are real, and in the moment, it is possible for them to pivot into tragedy.”
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DEV ODEDRA – Chief Content Officer at The Laundry News

“The Infiltrator was turned into a movie of the same name…..(THE BETRAYAL) takes you on an even more unbelievable (but very true) journey as an undercover US agent, laundering money for some of the most dangerous people in the world.”
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THE DAILY MAIL – British Daily Newspaper

“It’s the sort of detail you’d expect from the TV series Narcos. If you’re a fan of that, you’ll enjoy this book, the thriller-like tale of Mazur’s undercover activities in the fight against South American drug traffickers and his mission to expose the infamous Cali Cartel.”
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THE ASSOCIATION of GOVERNANCE RISK & COMPLIANCE – A global association of governance, risk, and compliance professionals

“Terrifying. Gripping. Timely. Sorely needed. Robert Mazur’s second book effort – THE BETRAYAL – is a must-read if you’re a compliance officer used to offices, computer work, safety, and too much ho-hum and doldrum. Looking for a page-turner while educating yourself about the internal workings of devious financial crime? This book delivers.”
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